Criminal Defense

Issues related to computer crimes are complex. Your attorney needs to be knowledgeable in the areas of information technology to effectively defend you. At Singh Law Firm, PLLC, we use our knowledge of technology to provide you an effective criminal defense against charges of cyber-crimes such as computer hacking or cracking, copyright infringement, computer fraud or trespass, computer stalking, credit card fraud, SPAM, identity theft, solicitation or other internet sex crimes.

Computer Crime

Singh Law Firm, PLLC, handles legal matters related to Computer, Information Technology, and Internet law. We assist you with drafting, negotiating, and interpreting agreements in the areas of software licensing, IT consulting, e-commerce, web site hosting and development. We help you resolve disputes related to cybersquatting.

Computer Forensics

There are several legal ramifications of federal legislations aimed at protecting privacy of consumers. If you conduct business over the web, you are expected to be in compliance with these internet standards. We help your organization to become complaint and stay in compliance as new laws are enacted by the Congress.

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