Nonimmigrant Visas

We assist with all types of non-immigrant visas, including:
  • Employment Visas - H Visas
  • Intra-Company Transferee Visas - L Visas
  • Treaty Investor - E Visas
  • Outstanding and Selected Occupation Worker - O and P Visas
  • Religious Workers - R Visas
  • Fiances, Spouse & Children: K Visas

Immigrant Visas

Immigrant Visa Petitions may be filed under family and employer based preferences. We analyze your specific situation and propose the quickest and cost effective way for becoming a permanent resident of the United States and be subsequently becoming a naturalized US Citizen. We offer services for obtaining immigrant visa as
  • Immediate Relative of US Citizens
  • Spouses and Children of Legal Permanent Residents
  • Family Member of a US Citizens
  • Employment Based (EB)
  • Investor Immigration
  • Diversity Visa Lottery and Special Immigrant

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