Patenting Your Invention

Patenting an invention confers an exclusive rights to the inventor for a limited duration of time. Singh Law Firm, PLLC, provides legal services to help you protect your intellectual capital spanning the various phases in the prosecution of a patent. As this chart shows, the number of patent applications at the USPTO has gone up exponentially. Are you protected?

Patent Searching
We conduct a patent searches and issue opinions discussing the aspects of your invention that could be patentable. The main goal of this stage to perform a search to see if an invention is novel and non-obvious within the backdrop of patents and applications published by the US PTO.

Drafting Patent Applications and Prosecution
We prosecute patents. Patent prosecution begins by submitting an application with specification, drawings and claims describing the invention which you consider as your own. The patent application is to clearly describe the invention to the Patent Office. After submitting the patent application and appropriate fees, the Patent Office proceeds with an
examination. During the course of the examination, the patent office conducts a search of the technical arts, and issues office actions which must be replied to within the time period set forth by the patent office. Singh Law Firm, PLLC, compose replies to these office actions, appropriately amending the patent’s specifications and claims and respond to any other issues raised by the examiner to move forward with the prosecution.

Appeal or Continuing Applications
If the patent office determines that your invention is not patentable and issues a final rejection, Singh Law Firm, PLLC, provides counseling on the appropriate course of action to take to protect your rights. We submit a reply to the final rejection, appeal the decision, or revise and submit a continuing application, basing our decisions on your priorities.

Patent Issue, Maintenance and Enforcement
Upon receiving a notice of allowance from the Patent Office, Singh Law Firm, PLLC, assists with patent issuance and submission of formal drawings. A utility patent is enforceable for a period of 20 years from the date of filing. We provide you legal assistance with maintenance of your patent rights and enforcement of your patent’s exclusively in case of infringements. Be advised that having had exclusive rights to the invention for the period of the patent, anyone can practice the invention once it has expired. Singh Law Firm, PLLC, can counsel you if your idea is better protected as a trade secret with its statutory limitations.
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