Intellectual Property

Singh Law Firm, PLLC can help you or your company in the core areas of Intellectual Property (IP) including:

  • Patentability Searches
  • Prosecuting Patent
  • Trademark and Copyright Registration
  • Enforcing Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights
  • Defending Infringement Lawsuits
We conduct a patentability searches and provide you with validity and patentability opinions. We counsel you on the type of protection, patent, trademarks, trade-secret, or copyright, that is best suited for your intellectual capital.

Singh Law Firm, PLLC provides counseling in
enforcement of your intellectual property rights and defend you in patent, trademark, and copyright infringement lawsuits. We assist and advise you with –

  • Strategic IP development,
  • Acquisition and transfer of patent portfolios,
  • Drafting license agreements, and
  • Counseling on protection of trade-secrets. 

We conduct thorough research and assist in strategic acquisitions of business units and valuation of IP assets. 

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